what is aptitude and why do companies test aptitude?

Every person who has to attend a competitive exams especially one for the interviews or for banking exams face a question at one point of the course, what is aptitude? why are these exams testing my aptitude skills? how is aptitude helpful for them in judging me? why do I need to posses aptitude skills when my job is something else? why should one have to clear aptitude test? why is aptitude more important in this competitive world?
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what is aptitude
what is aptitude?
What is aptitude?
An aptitude is component of competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. aptitude can be physical or mental.outstanding aptitude is considered as talent.it is inborn potential to do certain kind of works.
Aptitude can also be defined as natural ability to do something.

What is quantitative aptitude?
Quantitative aptitude is collection of a few numerical, mathematical problems which tests the problem solving skills and numerical ability of a person.these questions range from purely numeric to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentages...

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Why do companies test aptitude skills?
When it comes to interview, an interviewer cannot handle too many people so they try to test the problem solving ability, reasoning ability, verbal ability... with the help of the aptitude test and this test helps them to filter any number of people thereby making it easy for them to identify the right candidate for whom they are looking at.these tests assess many factors and provide an exact picture of the candidate's potential.aptitude tests may differ from one organization to the other but they give a report on the qualities which they are looking for.


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