Aptitude tricks and tips - 16 ways to excel in aptitude.

Aptitude tricks and tips - 16 ways to excel in aptitude.
Solving aptitude is possible when you have a good level of practice, however, there are a few strategies to excel in aptitude tests especially the following 16 tricks.
  1. Substitution: Go for substitution method whenever possible.
  2. Elimination: Use elimination of options with some techniques or logics.
  3. The benefit of Doubt: In case of logical questions, sometimes benefit of doubt technique helps a lot.
  4. Tricks: Try to understand topics and have some tricks, tips, and shortcuts.
  5. Mind Calc: Try to practice the calculations like squares, cubes, square roots, multiply with 11 etc… so that it would save more amount of time.
  6. Weightage: Practice the topics based on weightage of the topics.
  7. Skipping: Skip some questions and try to solve them at last (the ones which you aren’t comfortable )
  8. No fast scanning: Don’t ever read the questions fast, if you read them fast there is a possibility of taking wrong data.
  9. Clarity: while solving any problem, give a clear naming for variables so that you need not traceback for the variable.
  10. Skimming: start with the topics which you are more comfortable with.
  11. Time Limit: while practicing, try to solve within a time limit so that it would be easy for you to compete in an exam.
  12. Workout: practice more to gain more.
  13. No Comparison: don’t compare yourself with the surrounding people.
  14. Confidence: Have some confidence and proceed otherwise you will end up marking wrong answers.
  15. Patience: Patience is again a major factor especially at the last, solve very patiently to get good results.
  16. Peace of mind: Have your own time before attending the exam, without peace of mind one cannot excel in aptitude.
Also follow latest tricks, tips, and methods from any of the youtube channels, aptitude blogs or websites. this helps you to get the solution within seconds, sometimes one can even guess the answer without doing anything.
Follow the above 16 strategies, you will see more improvement in your performance and save more amount of time. All the best for your preparation.


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