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Aptitude is the natural ability to do something, Aptitude plays an important role in any competitive exam or in placements as this is the way through they can test your ability to solve a problem in different possible ways, your natural talent and sometimes the common sense, it also tests your analytical skills and logical ability.
Any Aptitude test consists of few subparts which one has to consider while writing any test, many exams do not concentrate on some topics.so it's up to the person to find the syllabus of the examination and solve more problems in that area.it doesn't mean that you need not concentrate on the other parts, it is always suggested to learn all the topics so that it might be helpful in solving other topic problems too. before jumping to all topics, you can read the article 16 ways to excel in aptitude which can make a lot of difference in your preparation especially if you are preparing for tests like GMAT.aptitude plays a major role in such exams and you should be able to crack the answer within seconds and for that, you need to practise more and more tricks.
quantative aptitude
Quantitative Aptitude topics list: This section tests the numerical ability and problem-solving skills.

  1. Number System: Mostly the questions related to conversion of a number from one number system to other like decimal to binary.
  2. Percentages: It is considered as the subtopic of the topic ratios where we deal with calculating % increase in one quantity w.r.t the other metric.
  3. Simple Interest: calculating interest, principal amount or rate of interest mostly.
  4. Compound Interest: calculating the compound interest after n years (interest may be compounded every n months or n days )
  5. Profit Loss Discount: calculating the unknowns profit, loss, discount and their percentages.
  6. Ratios & Proportions: ratios is a vast topic and the more you dig the more you get into whereas, the proportion is a relation of one metric w.r.t the other.
  7. Ages: calculating age based on some known facts, facts can be relations and their ages or comparison of the person's age in terms of unknowns etc.. we may also use some equations to solve such problems.
  8. Averages: calculating the average of a group or calculating the error in average when there is an error in one item etc...
  9. Work Time Efficiency: calculating the deadlines of some projects when efficiency or time are given.
  10. * Time Speed Distance: this is again a big topic, the more you go, the more you see.
  11. * Permutations & Combinations: Identifying the possible arrangements or selections in a group.
  12. Probability: measuring the likelihood of an event to occur.
  13. Set Theory: set theory deals with the sets and unions among the sets.
  14. Partnership: partnership topic deals with the shares, investors, investments, time of investment, return on investment etc...
  15. LCM and HCF: calculating LCM, HCF and some interesting applications using them.
  16. Mixture and Alligation: mixing up a variety of items and identifying the % or proportions when one type of items are removed by x units.
  17. Pipes and cisterns: deals with inflows, outflows of a tank and also some inferences.
  18. Rivers boats streams: while we travel downstream, the speed of water adds up whereas, in the upstream river flow opposes the boat, calculating the distances, times and speed upstream or downstream based on the unknowns.
  19. Trains: problems related to starting two or more trains in same or different direction with different speeds and different times and finding the meeting points or crossing time etc..
* -> More priority.
Start your preparation with the ratios and proportions which helps you to reduce your solving labour in many other topics.

Reasoning aptitude

Reasoning: the act of thinking in a logical or sensible way.

  1. Series: finding a missing therm in a given sequence of numbers or letters.
  2. Coding and decoding: conversion of text to other form based on some algorithms.
  3. Analogy
  4. Classification
  5. Clocks
  6. Missing value in figure
  7. Cubes, Dice
  8. Binary logic
  9. Calendar problems
  10. Blood relations
  11. Venn diagrams
  12. Counting in figure
  13. Direction and Distance: dealing with the directions North, East, West, South etc.. and finding the direction after making n moves.
  14. Blood relations: inferring the relationship of one w.r.t other using some techniques or series of relations.
  15. Missing Value in figure
  16. logical reasoning

verbal ability

Verbal Ability: tests your grammar level

  1. grammar
  2. vocabulary
  3. synonyms and antonyms
  4. analogies
  5. sentence correction
  6. ordering the jumbled sentences
  7. reading comprehension
  8. Deductions
  9. critical reasoning
Aptitude test without these topics is incomplete and not possible.

Once you have noted the topics, make a clear schedule with all constraints like number of hours you want to spare for aptitude in a day, topics to be completed in a session, difficulty level of topics, your strength and your problematic area, it is always recommended to have a proper schedule otherwise you will end up wasting your time, if you have a good roadmap and a schedule, you can complete your preparation for your aptitude test as soon as possible and even in 2 weeks you can complete it if you follow the schedule properly. Do not try to skip the schedule, procrastinating things lead to problems.

If you are preparing for any particular test like XYZ company's interview or CAT, make sure to prepare your schedule by considering their weightages because all tests won't include every topic.

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This article covered almost all the topics which are frequently used by most of the exams, comment if you find anything missing so that we will update it,

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