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Preparing for any aptitude test without practicing or taking mock tests could be risky especially in this digital era it is not at all recommended to take a test without taking a few mock or practice test. 
But how to take the mock tests for free without paying even a single penny? well, the purpose of this article is to help you with the best suitable sites to practice for your test.

There is a saying "promises are promises, Excuses are Excuses but only performance is the Reality" and this is what is applicable while selecting a good test among the various sites. many tests promise that they offer a great set of questions as well as experience but most of them end up with some excuses while only few will remain with a good performance and quality papers and our focus is on these sites.

Aptitude websites list which provides free aptitude test and papers of many companies as well as tests:
  1. Geeksforgeeks: It is one of the best websites which provides standard questions on coding as well as aptitude, it also provides GATE official papers and content.
  2. Indiabix: This website provides the content on all aptitude topics as well as practice tests for free, it also provides a few placements related papers of a few companies.
  3. Lofoya: It provides the tests of 3 different standards (Easy, Medium, Difficult) thereby limiting your limit based on the exam you are preparing for.
  4. M4maths: It provies lots of placement papers, placement experiences, puzzles.
List of android apps that are useful for your preparation:
  1. Aptitude test for preparation: In this app, you can select one topic and then solve one after another question on the selected topic.
  2. Aptitude Test and preparation: In this app, you can take daily tests as well as tests based on topics.
A good strategy yields a great result only when it is executed perfectly, click here to know how to plan a good strategy for your preparation and to download free E material for your aptitude preparation.

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