5 Interesting facts about Digital sum and Digital roots

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  1. What is Digital sum?
  2. How does digital sum help to save time?
  3. What is a Digital root?
Digital sum and digital root
Digital sum: Digital sum can be defined as the sum of all the digits of a number.
Digital root: The Digital root of a number can be obtained by finding digital sum repeatedly until you get a single digit.

Let A, B be two numbers.
Digital root properties:
  1. Digital root(A*B) = Digital root( Digital root(A)*Digital root(B) )
  2. Digital root(A^2) = Digital root(Digital root(A)*Digita root(B))
  3. Digital root(A+B) = Digital root( Digital root(A)+Digital root(B) )
  4. Digital root(A-B) = Digital root( Digital root(A)-Digital root(B) )
  5. Digital root(10^x + A) = Digital root(A)
How are these properties going to help you in saving your time?
If you got a question to pick a square of a number from four options, this method works very well most of the times.

Question 1: What is the value of 997^2
options: A) 994009   B) 996009 c)997009 D)992009
Digital root(997)= 9+9+7=> 25 (2+5)=> 7
Digital root(997^2) should be Digital root(7*7)=49(4+9)=>13(1+3)=>4
find the digital root of all the options
Digital root(994009)=9+9+4+0+0+9=31  (3+1)=>4
Digital root(996009)=9+9+6+0+0+9=33 (3+3)=>6
Digital root(997009)=9+9+7+0+0+9=34 (3+4)=>7
Digital root(992009)=9+9+2+0+0+9=29 (2+9)=>11 (1+1)=>2
Comparing the digial roots, the only possible option would be 994009.

This technique works well for most of the problems and helps you save your time.
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